Hi there,

On this page you’ll find a video lecture together with corresponding online exercises and a worksheet. The material will help you determine whether you like working with my online grammar courses and whether you think that they will help you improve your German.

Before we begin, let’s take a quick look at what exactly you can do and learn on this page.

Video Lecture

The video you are going to watch is lecture number 7 from the course on “Hauptsatzkonnektoren” (main clause connectors). In the first six videos I’ll explain the following:

  • What is a main clause?

  • What is a connector?

  • What is the sentence structure in a main clause?

  • How can you connect main clauses?

  • What are ADUSO-Connectors and their position in the sentence.

If you like, you can later watch the first six videos of the course and / or the whole course. You’ll find the link at the end of this page.

Online Exercises

After the video lecture you can take action on what you have learned in the lecture. The exercises below the video correspond to what you’ve just learned. In the exercise box below there are altogether 5 different exercise types and 18 sentences.

The exercises become more difficult towards the end.

All online exercises have two toggles:

  • Lösung will show you the correct the answer.

  • Grammatik sehen will allow you to see the grammar, using the same visualization style you’re familiar with from the lectures.

Note that it’s always good to say the answer out loud. This will help you to remember the correct sentence structure.


The worksheets are meant as drills, like a gym for language. This means that you will repeat the same structure several times. You can view the worksheet on the computer or on your phone. At the bottom of the worksheet you’ll find the answers in a smaller font.

You can use the worksheets as oral exercises or you can download and print out the worksheets and write the answers down. Have fun :)

A2/B1: Video Lecture + Exercise

Connecting sentences using “denn”

1. Watch the video lecture (3:39).


2. Do the exercises

3. Download the worksheet and do the drill.


Full Course - FREE

Please join and enjoy this full free video-course on sentence structure and how to connect German main clauses (Hauptsätze).

The course consists of 20+ videos. Many online exercises, tests/quizzes and worksheets will be added to the course over the next weeks (i.e. from January 2019 onwards) .

Please watch the introductory video below (2:32). It will tell you more about the overall structure of the course. It will also explain why the course is helpful for beginners as well as advanced students (levels A1 to C1).


See you inside the course. Please click the following link:

Hauptsatzkonnektoren - FREE Course

Bis gleich!