The prices include access to my video courses over the course period and worksheets. In case we use a course book, the price of the book is added.

1 lesson = 60 minutes

Private lessons for one or two students

Prices reflect general lessons.
Individual lesson: 80,00 CHF
20+ Lektionen.: 75,00 CHF per lesson
A combination of live and skype/online lessons is also possible.

Group and company courses

Upon request.

Skype Lessons

Trial lesson: 20,00 CHF / 18,00 EURO
1 lesson: 70,00 CHF / 62,00 EURO
10+ lessons: 68,00 CHF / 60,00 EURO per lesson
20+ lessons: 66,00 CHF / 58,00 EURO per lesson

Exam Texts: Marking and Feedback

Without course. Price per text.
Marking with comments according to test-specific criteria, depending on language level (A1 - C2) and length of text: 20,00 - 50,00 CHF / 18,00 - 45,00 EURO

Special Programs

Upon request.